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Magic Valley

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Actor, director, cameraman, film editor and prompter. During the cinematographic workshops children learn about how a film is made and can even try themselves in key roles. They create the story on their own, and after casting, drafting the dialogues and selecting the costumes, they can start shooting the film. With the help of our film editing program they can add inserts and soundtracks to make their production complete, which they can analyse with the instructors on the spot. They can discuss their experience later at a media class because the educator accompanying the student group can download the films shot in Magic Valley from an online interface.


During the newscast workshop children will learn about criteria-based selection of news items for the evening news and that catchy headlines convey reality in a very peculiar way. They can compile a report presenting different sides of the same news item. They can add an introduction, a narrative and an interview to the pre-recorded, unedited material. They can select and sort parts to compile the report. Younger children can try themselves as a weather forecaster, newscaster, news editor and teleprompter operator.

Press, image

Children are overwhelmed by images in their everyday lives yet they know very little about the conscious efforts behind designing a cover page and are less versed in the process of how a piece of information develops into an article or what the job of a columnist, a journalist, an editor-in-chief or a publisher is. Selecting, positioning and framing images, setting the colours and contrast and using some retouching features add all sorts of extra meaning to the image. Children can select and edit cover photos for various magazine types, can browse through photo series or choose a powerful image to add to social media with captions, headlines and descriptions. They will learn what news value means in journalism and get familiar with the gimmicks used.

Radio, dubbing, Foley

The workshops dedicated to sound will let children finally see what they could only hear before. In a professionally equipped sound studio they can have first-hand experience with the tools real-life radio staff members use on a daily basis. Older children can make their own radio programme, the younger ones can add noises and do some dubbing with animationscenes. Instructors discuss with children traditions in the radio industry before they can make their own programme. Then as they start working on their own show, they can select from among themselves a radio presenter, a guest, an editor and also choose the music they wish to play during the programme. At the dubbing workshop young visitors can try their hands at acting and directing as well.


Ads and commercials infiltrate children's everyday life. They cannot use the Internet, watch television, listen to the radio or simply enter the streets without happening upon targeted ads. At Magic Valley they can get a taste of the methods of influencing by advertising and the tricks of the trade in commercial communication. They will work in teams to understand how they are influenced by commercials by compiling stock footages into a commercial based on their own creative ideas. During the infomercial version of the workshop they will produce a commercial for a product with the brand name 'Magic', the centre’s own fictitious brand.

Internet: risks and opportunities

Young people visiting Magic Valley were all born in a digital universe. For them, the use of mobile communication systems and of the Internet is natural now. In addition to enjoying the benefits these yield, it is, however, crucial for these children to be aware of the conditions of safe Internet use, the various risks and dangers involved. We invite them to participate in decisions focusing on the meaning and possible consequences of online data protection, cyberbullying, grooming and sexting. On a brighter note, children participate in an investigative game with smart devices or they can work in teams to learn about lots of useful Internet sites and applications.