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Magic Valley

What is Magic Valley? Gyengénlátó változat

The Magic Valley media literacy education centres have been created by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority to support children in their conscious and safe media use. The two locations in Budapest and Debrecen provide examples for and examine the magical impact of the media, and the “valley” offers a protected, safe environment and venue for relaxed consideration, dialogue and fun.

In the past, television viewers and radio listeners were mostly just passive recipients of information. With the emergence of the Internet, users themselves have also become active content creators of the new media. This is a positive change offering many opportunities but also posing some risks. Any consumer/publisher entering this playground should take into account a number of new aspects and consequences, which means that it is worth learning as much as possible about the rules of this digital world. Magic Valley's ultimate goal is to raise children’s awareness on how they are affected by the media in a playful manner by offering interactive, creative activities. In this process, students are assisted by a state-of-the-art equipment pool and skilled media literacy instructors.

The first Magic Valley of Hungary opened in Budapest in 2014, followed by a second centre in Debrecen in 2017. The centres can be visited as part of a school trip free of charge.