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Magic Valley

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Magic Valley, a place for media literacy education

At the learn-by-experience workshops of Magic Valley students will be introduced to the ways the media operates and will learn the basics of conscious media consumption.

The program is aligned to the efforts outlined in the National Core Curriculum (NCC). Since, according to the NCC, currently media education is closely related to a number of other content areas and is not defined as an individual subject, basically, it is often not media teachers, but rather teachers with other majors (e.g. Hungarian language and literature, Arts, etc.) who take on the task of media education. To deal with the resulting potential difficulties, preparatory materials have been compiled. Students can work on these materials with help from their teachers prior to their visit to Magic Valley. The materials have been compiled in different packages based on the students’ prior knowledge in media literacy.

There may be even sharp differences between students in terms of media education and media literacy, depending on their local and individual opportunities as well as those at school. In Magic Valley each child has equal access to the professional equipment and children acquire the same knowledge irrespective of where they come from.

Who can visit Magic Valley and how?

Participation in our programmes is strictly school-based, applications are accepted at predefined registration periods via our online interface. Our direct target group is children between ages of 9 and 16, i.e. school groups in grades 3 through 10, accompanied by educators.

Registering for visits

You can register for the programmes of the Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centre via our website where the educator organising the visit needs to complete a registration form. Registration is important because the user name and password thereby created will also enable the teacher to download the videos created by the children after the visit. For more information about the registration process, please click Register for visit (Jelentkezés látogatásra). Announcements for teachers concerning the opening of the online registration interface will be posted here from time to time.

How much time do the groups spend at the Centre?

Student groups spend approximately 5–6 hours in the house including workshops and breaks. 

The capacity of our centres

Magic Valley, Budapest can host up to 50 students from grades 5–10 or up to 40 students from grades 3–4 plus the accompanying teachers from a single educational institution on a daily basis. We provide bus transportation free of charge for groups from outside Budapest.

Magic Valley, Debrecen can receive a maximum of 32 students  from grade 3 through 10 from a single educational institution. Free transportation is provided for groups visiting from outside Debrecen.

Preparatory materials

In order for the students to benefit the most from their Magic Valley experience,    , teachers  are recommended to prepare them before the visit. Educators can download  the preparatory materials related to the specific programmes and venues   from our website (see the link at the bottom of the page). (The file contains teaching aids , lesson plans facilitating the preparation with suggestions for methodology, visual aids and a list of relevant literature.)

Viewing students’ videos produced in the centre

Registered educators can access the multimedia products of their student groups after their visit to Magic Valley. This option allows not only the easier revisiting of the experience gathered in the centre but also analysing the materials integrated in classroom sessions.

Download booklets on media literacy