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SROP-Project Gyengénlátó változat

SROP-3.1.14-12-2013-0001 The "Conscious Media Consumers of the Future – Promoting Media Literacy and Media Awareness" project

Aim of the project

Secondary objectives of the project

Tasks assumed for the period of implementation

  • research, studies and professional contents;
  • producing training materials for primary and secondary schools that serve the transfer of media literacy skills;
  • ensuring the accreditation of training materials for the teachers involved;
  • developing corpora of knowledge, tests and professional materials for students and teachers that are to be made available in the education centre.
  • implementation of the courses and trainings developed;
  • preparing the range of institutions involved in the teaching of media literacy skills, elaborating teaching methods, coordinating and assisting participating institutions during implementation;
  • developing and providing the services available at the educational centre.
  • enhancing online services;
  • organising offline and online educational and information campaigns.

Project data