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Magic Valley

Data processing Gyengénlátó változat

Data processing related to the educational activity of NMHH Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centre (hereinafter Magic Valley or Data Controller)

Name of the data controller

National Media and Infocommunications Authority, Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centre

Address: H-1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 95.


Tel: +36 1 391-0520

Mobile: +36 30 496-1581

Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centre, Debrecen

Address: H-4025 Debrecen, Hatvan u. 43.


+36 52522152

The workshops held for small groups in Magic Valley are provided within the framework of lessons as defined in Act CXC on National Public Education, for the education of the content area defined in the National Curriculum (NAT) namely film education and media literacy in accordance with the aims and aspirations of the NAT and cross-curricular education, with the collaboration of educational institutions and teachers; therefore, data processing takes place only to the extent strictly necessary for conducting the sessions, taking into account the principle of data minimisation.

The legal basis of data processing

In the context of the educational activity of the Data Controller, personal data is processed only with the prior consent of the data subjects and the legal representatives of the minors concerned, or on the basis of statutory requirement.

The processed personal data

The purpose of data processing

The purpose of data processing is to maintain contact between Magic Valley and the educational institutions involved in order to prepare and conduct the sessions and to protect the health and safety of the participants.

Magic Valley processes the Institutional Registration Forms for record keeping purposes and to enable the operator to review the Centre’s activity.

The purpose of taking pictures and making video and audio recordings is solely to organise, re-watch and archive the sessions. The purpose of archiving is to provide participants access at a later time to the pictures and recordings with the cooperation of the contact persons of the institution. Preserving complete anonymity, Magic Valley provides its own instructors and employees with a research base for the further development of sessions complying with the needs of the children to maintain the educational standards and the high quality of the service and sessions, which is in the interest of students, media literacy instructors, the teachers working in public education institutions as well as parents.

The recordings made at the Magic Valley media literacy education centres provide a unique overview of the media literacy competencies of students between 9-16 years of age, who can develop and demonstrate these competencies by shooting film scenes, creating radio shows, TV ads and telling stories with pictures. The professional analysis of the recordings allows the centre to further improve its work in developing media literacy competencies and, with its research insights, to help develop Hungarian media literacy beyond the Magic Valley project.

Magic Valley provides the experts analysing the pictures and recordings access to the audiovisual material only, subject to the terms and conditions laid down in the contract, but no access to the individual registration forms even during the program or in the following 5 year retention period. Researchers may not make copies of the pictures and recordings and may not disclose them in whole or in part.

The Data Controller makes available the processed personal data only to the data subjects, and discloses them to third parties solely to fulfil a legal obligation (e.g. at the request of the relevant authority).

Representatives of educational institutions may have access to the pictures, video and audio recordings made during the sessions after registering on the Magic Valley website.

The period of data processing

The Data Controller retains the personal data provided on the Institutional Registration Forms and on the Individual Registration Forms for a period of 5 years counted from the date of the sessions.

The pictures and the video and audio recordings made during the media literacy sessions are archived by the Data Controller to conduct research in order to improve the sessions.

At the request of the data subject or his/her legal representative, the Data Controller shall immediately delete the personal data or render it unrecognizable.

The rights of the data subjects

The data processing of Magic Valley related to organising camps

The legal basis of processing and the processed personal data:

The purpose of data processing is to ensure the life, health and bodily integrity of the participants during camping, to ensure compliance with public health standards and to maintain contact with the legal representatives.

The Data Controller retains the special data provided for camping separately, handling them with special care, and will only make them available to the staff involved in organising the camp. These data will be deleted by Magic Valley after the camp has ended.

Data security

In order to comply with data security requirements, NMHH shall ensure the protection and security of the personal data of the data subject, in particular the prevention of accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or unauthorized access to such data, and if possible, ensure the remedy and mitigation of the consequences thereof. Through its internal organisational units, NMHH shall take every data security, technical, organisational and administrative measure to ensure the adequate level of personal data security.