Hands-on workshops to promote the conscious use of media

School groups from all parts of Hungary can participate in our program free of charge.

What is Magic Valley?

The Magic Valley Media Literacy Education Centres have been established by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority to promote the media literacy education of students aged 9-16 by providing them with hands-on learning experience. Our three centres can be visited during the school year as well as in the summertime when we organize media camps for kids.

Magic Valley Budapest

Magic Valley Budapest, located in the second district in Buda, has welcomed students since 2014. The centre can host up to 48 students (in case of third and fourth graders up to 40 students) and their educators. On Fridays only local schools can attend our program.

Budapest Introduction

Magic Valley Debrecen

Magic Valley Debrecen was opened in 2017 at the headquarters of NMHH in Debrecen as the second media literacy education centre of Hungary. It is visited by 32 students and their educators daily from five counties in eastern and northern Hungary. We only welcome local schools on Fridays.

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Magic Valley Sopron

In the fall of 2020 our third centre will open in Sopron next door to the authority headquarters there. As many as 48 students and their educators can visit the centre from western Hungary on a daily basis. On Fridays only local schools can participate in our program.

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Students are divided into groups of eight at the beginning of the day. The program features four 60-minute workshops and it lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours including the briefing and the breaks.

From greenbox to rear projection

Fast assembled genre frames

At our movie workshop kids can experience how they can put together a film made up of a few scenes while assuming key roles in movie making. It is their job to build up the plot, decide on the casting, draft the dialogues and choose the appropriate costume. After shooting the scene in our prop car or the greenbox, they can add inserts and soundtracks in the post-production phase to make their movie complete.

What is news after all?

What has happened and what is being said about it

At our newscast workshop students aged 13-16 can compile a report presenting different sides of the news item that they have chosen beforehand. They can add an introduction, a narrative and an interview to the pre-recorded material. Younger kids can try themselves as weather forecasters or newscasters.

A picture is worth a thousand words

How a picture tells a story

Kids encounter a large number of images in their everyday lives, yet they know very little about the conscious planning behind a photograph having a lasting impact or a photo on a magazine cover. We draw their attention to the fact that by selecting, positioning and framing images, setting the colours and contrast and using some retouching features all sorts of extra meaning are added to the image. Kids edit cover photos for various magazine types and they select photo series as they try their hand at visual storytelling.

We are aware of what we cannot see

Sounds we resonate to

In our professionally equipped studio older students can create their own radio show, in which they assume the roles of the hosts, the guests and the news editor. They interrupt the conversations with their own commercial and they can also choose the music they wish to play during the show. Younger students can try themselves as Foley artists creating audio effects for animation movie scenes.

What is advertising literacy?

A space for commercials?

In our advertisement workshop kids learn the basic elements of commercial communication including target group and message. We help them realize how they are influenced by commercials as they work in teams and compile stock footages into a commercial based on their own creative ideas, thus promoting the product they have chosen to advertise.

We will show you the bright and dark sides of the Internet

Risks and opportunities

We believe it is crucial for the kids to be aware of the conditions of safe Internet use and also the various risks and dangers involved. At our netrisks workshop we invite them to make decisions, which will help them understand the significance and potential consequences of online data protection, cyberbullying, grooming and sexting. At our netbrowser workshop kids work together as they learn about useful webpages, apps and tricks.

Our instructors

With the help of our instructors kids visiting Magic Valley learn about choices made in the field of media in a playful and experience-based manner. It is a high priority for our colleagues to remain up-to-date professionally so that they keep the students of various age groups fully engaged helping them to spend their time efficiently in the centre.

Our Budapest team
Our Debrecen team
Our Sopron team

The Magic Valley experience

Our goal is to prepare the visit of the different school groups as best we can, therefore we keep in regular touch with the teachers. Should they have any questions, they can contact us anytime during office hours.

Frequently asked questions

Can physically disabled people visit Magic Valley? ?
Yes, they can. All of our centres are accessible — physically disabled students can use all of our services as well as most functions of our studios. Our instructors lead the workshops and use studio equipment in a way that our visitors can make the most of the Magic Valley experience.
By what time do we get home?
The full program lasts approximately 5 to 6 hours. Our workshops start at 9 or 10 am depending on where the group comes from and they end at around 3-4 pm including the breaks. If it takes you around two hours to get to our centre, you will get home by 6 pm the latest.
As a parent can I take my kids and their friends to Magic Valley?
Unfortunately, you can't. Only teachers can register their students for a visit. However, you can sign up for our summer camps individually.
Can anyone else visit Magic Valley? Can it be used by companies for team-building activities?
We only offer our program for groups of students aged 9-16. Should you take a professional interest in our centres or you wish to cooperate with us on a professional basis, please contact us individually.
Can educators register for a visit anytime?
No, they can't. We only open our online registration platform three times in a school year. We offer available dates for a time frame of three months in each registration window. That is the only way you can register for a visit at Magic Valley.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us. Ask us on Facebook


I wouldn't have thought it was gonna be so much fun! I hope we can come again next year!

Peti (12)

Virág came home every day with lots of stories to tell. She enjoyed the camp a lot. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

Zsuzsanna (parent)

Fun activities tailored to the needs of different age groups. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Anna Kovács (teacher)

Magic Valley Instagram

On our Instagram channel you can get an insight into our everyday activities and kids may find it particularly interesting. They can take a peek behind the scenes, they can think about the images, films, quotes and the enchanting, truly magic impact of the media.


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